Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bad Bridesmaid Dress Pub Crawl

I finally found some ladies willing to don bad bridesmaid dresses and gallivant around town. I can not begin to describe the hilarity that ensued, so hopefully these photos will suffice.

Everyone wears a bad bridesmaid dress. Ten ladies, ten dresses, five bars!
Place mats stuffed in ridiculous sleeves.
Another successful third Friday for Sarah.


Monica said...

Oh my gosh. Are those for real? I'm never going to feel guilty about what I put my friends through ever again.

J said...

Those dresses are just cruel. Some of them look like wedding dresses from the 80s.

Nicky said...

I cannot belive that I missed this... Please invite me next time. It will be hard to pick which of my dresses to wear.

Tracy said...

This is seriously hilarious. I linked to it on my blog, I loved it so much. Thanks for the inspiration! :)


So the bride was right when she said, "You'll wear it again".